Goals & Objectives

To recognize and promote the outstanding contributions by Italians and Italian-Americans to their community the country the world

To promote and organize events and programs paying tribute to persons of Italitan ancestry,who have contributed to culture and history.

To pay honor to those Italian-Americans who have brought credit to themselves,their families and the United States,and let their names take their rightful place with the many Italian-Americans,who have helped make this country as great as it is.

To salute those who have contributed,above and beyond,by words and deeds,to the welfare of our community,our nation,and our Italian-American brothers and sisters.

To pay tribute to law enforcement officers and firemen who lost their lives in the line of duty by presenting our “Medal of Valor” posthumously.

To provide assistance,either physically or by fund raising,to those stricken by disaster.

To promote scholarship in the education of Italian-American young men and women.


Our efforts to reach our stated goals and objectives ensure that we as an organization will continue to build on the Italian-American heritage given to us by those who have come before us. Heritage is the foundation of which the Hall of Fame is built. By preserving and increasing the pride in accomplishments of Italian-Americans in our community we are continuing to foster our unique heritage.